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Publisher's Weekly


"Criminal defense attorney and former federal prosecutor Shapiro makes her debut with a thought-provoking legal thriller. . . . Shapiro endows all her characters with depth in the service of an all too plausible plot, and her courtroom scenes perfectly capture the thrust-and-parry exchanges of opposing counsel. Scott Turow fans will hope for more from Shapiro."

Joseph W. Bellacosa, New York Law Journal


"Alexandra Shapiro has written a compelling narrative for reform and restoration of the heralded
presumption of innocence, as an operative principle of law, not just a remotely admired adage."

Jeffrey M. Winn, New York Law Journal


"A Captivating, Satisfying Read for Lawyers"

"In her debut novel, Alexandra Shapiro has crafted a captivating tale of a prominent portfolio manager, Emma Simpson, who unwittingly becomes embroiled in a federal criminal case brought by an unscrupulous prosecutor who is more interested in headlines than justice. Although written for a general audience, the book is a satisfying read for lawyers because of its fulsome character development, strategic thinking, realistic dialog, and building drama."

BookLife Reviews


Presumed Guilty was named an "Editor's Pick" in BookLife Reviews:

"Shapiro draws on her experience as a criminal defense attorney in this gripping debut.... Shapiro’s expertise, notably her success in defending clients of criminal insider trading cases, shines through, providing great verisimilitude, convincing and fascinating detail, and a welcome sense of realism throughout, all without overburdening readers with technical jargon....[A]n intense legal thriller that will electrify readers."

Walter Pavlo, Forbes


"A book like Presumed Guilty is good for aspiring business professionals, financial analysts, attorneys and true-crime enthusiasts. It provides a real-life look at the inherent personal risks of working in financial markets.... Shapiro brings her characters to life in an easy-to-read storyline that is filled with accurate portrayals of a criminal white collar case."

Kirkus Reviews


"The author demonstrates a convincing familiarity with Wall Street and financial prosecution, and the characters, even the minor ones, are memorably constructed....A terrifyingly detailed, engrossing tale about what happens when the judicial hammer comes down."

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