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"The author demonstrates a convincing familiarity with Wall Street and financial prosecution, and the characters, even the minor ones, are memorably constructed....A terrifyingly detailed, engrossing tale about what happens when the judicial hammer comes down."

"Presumed Guilty provides a realistic view of how insider trading cases are prosecuted....A book like Presumed Guilty is good for aspiring business professionals, financial analysts, attorneys and true-crime enthusiasts....Shapiro brings her characters to life in an easy-to-read storyline...."

"Shapiro draws on her experience as a criminal defense attorney in this gripping debut....[A] riveting, realistic legal thriller."

"In her debut novel, Alexandra Shapiro has crafted a captivating tale....The quality of the narrative is enhanced by the author’s deft descriptions of the various characters’ motivations, the lawyers’ strategic decisions, numerous evidentiary disputes, and the Kafka-esque trappings that bedevil Simpson."

— Kirkus Reviews
 Walter Pavlo, Forbes
— BookLife Reviews
 Jeffrey M. Winn, New York Law Journal
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Alexandra Shapiro's first novel, Presumed Guilty, tells the story of Emma Simpson, a successful portfolio manager running the Manhattan office of a big-time hedge fund.

March 14th, 2012 was a typical day for Emma. She followed her usual routine, interacting with coworkers and clients before returning to her quiet family home in the Hudson Valley, where she lives with her husband and two children. 

But more than a year later, Emma’s world is forever changed—all because of a short email she dashed off on her way home that day to simply support routine company practices. That email becomes the focal point of a criminal case brought by ambitious federal prosecutors.

Presumed Guilty follows Emma’s journey as the target of a federal white-collar criminal prosecution. She must now fight to prove her innocence, protect her family, and preserve her reputation.


Will she prevail, or will the justice system fail her? 

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