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Kobo Writing Life Interviews Alexandra Shapiro

Writing a Legal Thriller with Alexandra Shapiro

In this episode, Kobo Writing Life chatted with Alexandra Shapiro about working with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, how her career as a lawyer helped her creative writing, why so many lawyers are also amazing authors, legal thriller and sci-fi crossovers, and much more. The episode covered:
Alexandra's legal career, and some of the causes she is passionate about
Her journey into writing fiction, and why she felt she already had the skills needed in place for a successful time spent writing
More about her legal thriller, Presumed Guilty, and what inspired the story
Alexandra's own writing advice, and some of the writing advice she received during her fiction writing journey
And much more!

Denise Turney Interviews Alexandra Shapiro

Off the Shelf

Alexandra appeared live on Denise Turney's show on October 15, 2022. They discussed topics including:

Working with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
How often innocent people are falsely accused and convicted
Why Emma got accused of a financial crime
Whether or not "Presumed Guilty" is based on real life events
Book marketing trends, tips and what it's like representing high profile clients

Robin Colucci Interviews Alexandra Shapiro

The Author's Corner

Alexandra appeared on The Author's Corner podcast, in an episode released on September 29, 2022, entitled "Fiction Inspired By Reality: Injustice In The U.S. Criminal Justice System With Alexandra Shapiro"

Alexandra and podcast host Robin Colucci discussed:

How novels creatively portray the reality of criminal cases
The process, challenges, and joys of writing a novel
Valuable lessons from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Presumed Guilty: What it’s about, and who are the main characters?
Why feedback is necessary to improve your writing

Interview with Alexandra Shapiro

Killer Content Podcast with Emily Webb

Emily Webb, host of Killer Content podcast and true crime author, interviews Alexandra about her career and her journey as a fiction author, as they discuss Alexandra's debut novel, Presumed Guilty

Legally Speaking Podcast

Interview with Robert Hanna

In an episode released on May 2, 2022, Alexandra appeared on the Legally Speaking Podcast and discussed her career and her book with host Robert Hanna.

Topics covered included the following:

Being a federal prosecutor and publishing a novel

Why I wrote a novel

Reforming the criminal justice system

Skills needed to be a great lawyer and fiction author


By Walter Pavlo

The book was featured in an article entitled "Alexandra Shapiro's New Book 'Presumed Guilty' Brings Insider Trading Cases to Life"

Meet the Author LIVE -- Alexandra Shapiro

New Degree Press Livestream

Alexandra appeared on a live "meet the author" segment on March 25, 2022, with NDP's John Saunders to discuss her book journey and reveal some personal details such as her favorite color and the last autograph she requested.

Creator Community Podcast: Understanding Criminal Justice and Its Flaws Through Fiction

John Saunders interviews Alexandra Shapiro

Alexandra appeared on the NDP's Creator Community podcast in an episode that premiered on March 25, 2022 in conjunction with her book launch, to discuss her career and her debut novel, Presumed Guilty, with host John Saunders.

Interview with Alexandra Shapiro

By Susan Bozorgi

On August 6, the Women Criminal Defense Attorneys blog published an interview with Alexandra by Susan Bozorgi. They discussed Alexandra's career and her thoughts on important legal developments as well as her first novel, Presumed Guilty.

Interview with Alexandra Shapiro

By Toi Hershman

In August 2020, Alexandra was interviewed on the EntreEd Podcast. The podcast, hosted by Toi Hershman and sponsored by the National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education, focuses on entrepreneurial stories that inspire and educate listeners. In the episode, Alexandra discussed her entrepreneurial journeys in the law and as an author.

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